Q: Can I get Private GP Services on my existing Health Insurance?

A: Your policy will not cover consultations. However, this position is currently being reviewed and may change. Your existing health insurance may cover the cost of clinically indicated investigations and x-rays.

Q: Do you need my NHS GP records to make decisions?

A: No, most out of hours NHS GP care and all A+E departments do not have access to your records either. We would request that all new patients complete the Health Questionnaire and Patient Agreement Form prior to their first consultation.

Q: Can I transfer all my NHS GP care to Private GP Services?

A: No, but this does not mean you cannot choose to see us for any aspect of your medical care. We are unable, at present, to offer night calls and house calls.

Q: What about prescriptions?

A: We issue private prescriptions if a medication is indicated. These do not qualify for the NHS fixed charge (or free) prescription. Many items can be less expensive on private prescriptions, and these prescriptions can be dispensed either in the pharmacy at Springfield Hospital or at any retail pharmacy.

Q: What about new drugs such as Champix and other new developments?

A: Exciting new treatment advances are constantly being developed and approved. However, access to these is often restricted through the NHS due to a lack of resources. Our doctors will discuss with you your treatment options.

Q: Will my GP be informed about my visit to Private GP Services?

A: Not necessarily. We usually fax your GP on the day we have seen you to inform them of health problems, test results, medication prescribed or any referrals made. It is very important that your GP has this information so that your medical notes are as up-to-date as possible. However, we appreciate that it may not be necessary to do so if there are any self-limiting problems. We are always happy to discuss this with you further at the time of the consultation.