HGV Driver medicals
People applying for Large Goods Vehicles (LGV) or Passenger Carrying Vehicles (PCV) may need a
Medical Report completed by a Doctor.

You will need a Medical Report completed by a registered doctor when:-

- You first apply for an LGV/PCV licence.
- You renew your licence on or after the age of 45. If this is the case you need to repeat your medical examination every 5 years.
- From the age of 65 licences are issued for one year at a time and you will need a medical report every year.

We will need you to bring a form of photo ID such as Passport or Photo Driving Licence. Please bring any glasses and a list of any medications with you. Please also bring your regular NHS GP's full details.

We will ask you to pass a urine sample at the clinic.

From Aoril 1st 2017 he cost of the examination and the issue of the Medical Report will be increasing to £150.

Please telephone us on 01245 234134 for further details.