Well Person Screening at Private GP Services

Well person screening checks are an important part of your health maintenance regime, along with exercise, a healthy diet and lifestyle. We aim to detect medical problems which may cause you ill health in the future and which, if detected early on, can be addressed. For most patients a Well Person screening would be of benefit every 3 years. Most patients look on this as an MOT check for their bodies.

Well Person screening checks are available for all age groups. The check consists of two separate appointments: at the first, which lasts 45 minutes, the doctor will take a full history from you, examine you thoroughly, and discuss with you which tests are appropriate to you bearing in mind your age, your health and family background, your personal concerns and your budget. We do not repeat tests which you may have had recently, nor do we submit everyone to the same battery of tests. This is not a full body scan, but if appropriate, such scanning can be organised after discussion with the doctor.

At the second appointment, some two weeks later, the doctor will discuss with you her written report, which will include her assessment of your current and future health problems, and her recommendation for any changes which may need to be made. You will take away both the written report and printed information leaflets which relevant to your health.

At Private GP Services we believe that no patient is ‘average’ and therefore we do not feel we can recommend at fixed price package of tests. We treat every patient as an individual.

From April the 1st 2017 the cost of the screening will be increasing to £375. This includes both appointments, and the preparation of the report. When making an appointment a 50% deposit will be taken. Any tests the doctor recommends for you are charged separately.

The average cost of blood tests we recommend is in the region of £125, this also includes Prostate Screening for male patients. Additional tests such as ECG’s and Chest X-ray, Cervical Smears test, mammograms CT Bone density scans can also be arranged. All these tests can be carried out on the premises.

We hope this information is of interest to you and look forward to meeting you for a Well Person Screening in the near future.