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BCG Vaccination
Latest information for BCG Vaccinations Essex

The withdrawal of mass vaccination of 13 year old children against TB has occurred without a government fanfare in the last 2 years: many parents are oblivious to the fact that their children will no longer receive this vaccine at school. Off the record many doctors view this as the most retrograde public health measure of the last decade.

However, public policy dictates that the incidence of TB in the majority of the UK population is sufficiently low as to make mass vaccination unnecessary. Instead, vaccination funds are directed with zeal towards those sections of the population deemed to be a higher risk.

BCG vaccination is not 100% effective: the older you are when you have it, the less effective it is. Most doctors agree there is little value in giving this vaccine to those over 35 years. It needs to be given at least 3 months in advance of the need for it to be effective. It may well be unnecessary for your children to have BCG vaccination if they live in the leafy middle class suburbs of middle England: but surely the point is they do not stay there. Young people, and not so young people, travel the world these days. From World Challenge at school, through gap years, voluntary work and international careers, exotic holidays and work with disadvantaged groups in the UK, people are exposed to TB and will continue to be so.

At Private GP Services we offer Mantoux testing to check immunity to TB and the BCG injection if necessary. Mantoux testing before BGC is not necessary for children under the age of 6 years - they are able to have the immunisation without a test. It is safe to vaccinate children from the age of 1 day old.
Worldwide the incidence of TB is on the increase. The World Health Organisation is warning of the threat of drug resistant TB. New figures from the UK Health Protection Agency show that TB is increasing in most regions of this country, with London and the West Midlands continuing to have the highest rates. There were 9,153 cases of TB reported in the UK in 2009 - of these 3,476 were in London.

The doctors at private GP Services have been trained through the chest clinic at Broomfield Hospital to offer this service. If you would like to make an appointment please call us on either on:

01245 234134
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