Influenza Vaccine

Protect yourself and your children from’ Flu.

Flu continues to be a yearly seasonal risk. Here at Private GP Services we like to offer our patients the most effective and safest vaccines available. All our vaccines are administered by doctors

The flu vaccine has previously provided protection against 3 strains of influenza. The vaccine that protects against four strains of fl, Fluarix, the quadriavlent inactive vaccine is recommended for most people. This vaccine is licensed for children from aged 3 years (36 months) old up to all ages of adult.

There is also a LIVE a nasal vaccine for children called Fluenz. It is a safe live vaccine but some special groups cannot take it. Please discuss this with your doctor when you come in.

FAQ - which vaccine will you need?

The injectable vaccine Fluarix, the quadriavlent inactive vaccine £30 per dose.

Children aged 3 - 18 years old

A choice of either injectable Fluarix or live nasal spray Fluenz. We currently have no stock of the nasal spray

Please note if this is your child’s first a vaccination and they are aged between 3 and 9, they will need two flu vaccinations, 4 weeks apart.

Younger children

For children aged less than 24 months, we will have some supplies of the injectable vaccine that is licensed from the age of 6 months. This is the vaccine that we have used for many years which protects against 3 strains of flu.

Children 6 - 24 months who have never been immunised against flu before
Two flu injections, 4 weeks apart. - Cost £30
per dose.

Children 6- 24 months who have had a flu vaccination before
One injection - £30

Please telephone us on to book 01245 234134 or for further details.