Influenza Vaccine

Protect yourself and your children from’ Flu.

Flu continues to be a yearly seasonal risk and 2017 - 2018 strains have already caused much concern. Here at Private GP Services offer inactivated (non-live) vaccines, and these are administered by doctors.

Vaccine schedules:

Adults and children over 3: We have the
quadrivalent flu vaccine which covers agains the most number of flu strains. (4)

Children 6m - 36m - The trivalent (3 strain) vaccine is advised.

For all children under 9, if this is their first flu vaccine, then two are needed 4 weeks apart, otherwise only one is needed.

How much will the vaccines cost?

The vaccines are £30 per dose required.

Please note the above refers to the injectable flu vaccine; the live nasal flu vaccine is currently licensed in children only. If they are eligible, your NHS service will let you know through you NHS GP or school. We are unable to source this vaccine for private use at this current time.

Please telephone us on to book 01245 234134 or for further details.