Chickenpox Vaccine at Private GP Services

Here at Private GP Services, we are happy to offering the chicken pox vaccine, a vaccine that is standard component of the the vaccination programs of other developed countries. There are currently no published plans to introduce the chicken pox vaccine routinely to all children on the NHS, either as a single vaccine or as part of the MMR.

Chicken pox occurs in seasonal peaks with the most cases appearing in March to May. For some it can be a mild disease but for others can cause scarring and pain. It can have, in a few, serious health implications.

If your child is over 1 you can decide to have a vaccine course against chicken pox.

There are two licensed forms of Chicken Pox vaccine in the UK - VARILIX made by GSK and VARIVAX made by Sanofi. They are recommended to be used as two-dose course. Neither contains Thiomersal (Mercury).

For older children and adults, we also offer testing of immunity to chicken pox. The older you are when you get chicken pox, the more likelihood there is of serious illness. If you are planning on having a child it is important to know your immunity status as contracting chicken pox in pregnancy can have serious consequences for the unborn child. The chicken pox vaccine can only be given before you fall pregnant. If you are pregnant and think you have been exposed to chicken pox without having immunity please contact us of the NHS for an emergency appointment.

Our Doctors will be available to discuss the appropriateness of the vaccine and your needs if the reception staff cannot answer your questions.

Please note there should be 4 clear weeks between a live vaccine, such as the MMR and the chicken pox vaccine.

Each dose of the vaccine costs £95

Appointments for this vaccine are available daily.
Please telephone us on
01245 234134 to book and for further details.

FAQ on changes on dosage recommendations from 1996