Shingles Vaccine at Private GP Services

One in four people will have an episode of shingles in their lifetime. This unpleasant condition causes  a painful rash and a feeling of unwellness for  2-3 weeks. Many people are also left with  a painful area of skin for many years after the rash has cleared (post-herpetic neuralgia). If shingles affects the skin near the eyes it can cause permanent damage to the vision. There is now a vaccine available to help prevent Shingles - Zostavax.

Zostavax has been proven to prevent 50-70% of shingles cases and if the disease does occur, it makes the outbreak less severe and less likely to cause long term pain. Only one injection is required. Not everyone is suitable to have Zostavax. The doctor who administers it will talk to you to ensure that you are suitable to have it.

Currently the NHS offers the vaccination but their limited supply means they are having to limit their vaccinations this year to some 70-73 years olds. However the vaccine is licensed for use from the age of 50. Don't want to miss out? Appointments for this vaccine are available daily.

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