Travel Vaccinations at Private GP Services

For most people, the decision to have vaccinations before travel is easy. Many parts of the world have serious infections such as Yellow Fever or Rabies, which are life threatening. But for some people, the decision is not so easy - they may perhaps have had side effects from previous vaccines, or may have complicated medical histories that have affected their immune system, or a friend for family member who has had an allergic reaction after a vaccine

At Private GP Services we believe that all patients need the opportunity to spend time with a Doctor, discussing the pros and cons before making a decision. We offer advice on all aspects of travel including insect bite protection, malaria prophylaxis, travellers' diarrhoea and altitude sickness. Same day appointments are available for the last minute business trips. Children's vaccine can also be given.

We are a designated Yellow Fever vaccination centre and are able to issue the International Vaccination Certificate. Please note: Yellow Fever vaccinations need to be given at least 10 days before travel.

Vaccines such as Rabies and Japanese Encephalitis are usually kept in stock.

There are many businesses that provide Travel Vaccinations by appropriately qualified staff, but not all are Doctor led services, conducted in a hospital environment with the full back up of the emergency team should there be any unexpected reactions after the vaccination.

New patients will be charged only £40 for a travel advice consultation with the Doctor. Prices for the most common vaccines can be found on our Fees Page.

contact us if you need to book with the Doctors.We usually have same day appointments available.

Our receptionist, whilst knowledgeable are not medically trained and will not be able to give you advice regarding travel.

FAQs on some diseases preventable by vaccination