Here at Private GP Services, we believe that all our patients should be treated as individuals and given sufficient time to discuss their health concerns with an experienced GP.  We offer a range of face-to-face appointment lengths at times that are suitable for a busy schedule.

Why is Health Screening important?

Health screening can help to detect health problems early, even if you currently have no symptoms. Finding out if you have any health issues early ensures treatment can be started as soon as possible, giving you the best outcome possible.

Be proactive with your health

The aim of our Health Screening packages is to detect any health issues at an early stage. Rather than booking an appointment when unwell, it’s important to be proactive with your healthcare and keep yourself well. Health Screenings are like MOT’s for your body, detecting issues early will lead to a more positive prognosis.

Benefits of Health Screening

Make your health a priority, as “prevention is better than a cure”.  Some of the main benefits of health screening are:

  • Lifestyle improvements – Health Screening helps to identify if you have any conditions or diseases that you are not aware of.
  • Early detection of any diseases will result in quicker treatment. This will help to decrease the risk of further complications and increases the chances of a better health outcome.
  • Mental health benefits – If you have family members that have suffered from hereditary conditions, you may be concerned that you will develop the same health issues. Worrying about health issues that you think could potentially impact your life can be stressful. Health screening will help put your mind at ease.

Our Health Screening packages

Here at Private GP Services, we offer 3 health check packages that you can choose from. All of our packages include:

  • Discussion about health concerns.
  • A review of any medical conditions you currently have, e.g. diabetes.
  • A review of your family history.
  • A review of social habits.
  • Medication review.
  • A physical assessment. In women, this may include breast and pelvic examination. In men, this may consist of a prostate examination.

Bronze Health Screening Package:

Our bronze package is most suited for those under 40 and includes an extended 30-minute consultation and the following:

  • Blood tests; full blood count, kidney, liver, full lipids (including HDL/LDL), diabetes, thyroid, iron, calcium, and proteins.
  • Bowel screening test.
  • Urine sent for microscopy and culture.
  • Medical report, either posted or emailed.
  • A follow up for an additional £40 for a 15-minute telephone consultation if further discussion or clarification is required. Or £165 if an in-person 30 minute follow up is requested.

Silver and Gold Health Screening Packages:

Our silver and gold packages are ideal for those over 40s. The silver package includes everything in our bronze package plus the following:

  • A longer appointment time for a medical with more tests and a telephone follow up and report (45 minutes)
  • Inclusive of Resting ECGs
  • Blood tests; vitamin B12, folate and hormone profile, vitamin D
  • Specific to men: PSA and testosterone
  • Specific to women: Menopause assessment and cervical smear- cytology and HPV screen
  • A medical report (this can either be posted or emailed) followed by an inclusive telephone consultation to discuss results and arrange any follow-up needed
  • A follow up in person for an additional £165 can be arranged if requested.

Our gold package includes all the services which are offered in our silver package but includes these 2 extras:

  • A chest x-ray or mammogram for women.
  • Face to face follow up for 30 minutes to discuss the results, receive a medical report and arrange the following steps if needed.

Remember, even if you’re not feeling unwell, it’s essential to get a Health Screening check. If you have any queries, don’t hesitate to contact us on 03300533745 and one of our experienced professionals will answer any questions you may have.


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