Coronavirus testing

We are UKAS approved to provide coronavirus testing. All our swabs include a certificate and we have 100% success on getting patients well on their way. We are a friendly reputable organisation who can help you navigate what seems a rather complex process. You can test yourself or if you are nervous of doing it you can come in to see one of our clinicians. It is your responsibility to check your certificate timing and contents meet your requirements.

Next-day results

We deliver results by the end of the next day.

The information below is for patients who wish to have swabs before travel. For other swabs (eg illness/pre-operation) please email

A PCR swab may be required in order for you to travel abroad. You must check with your airline whether a clinician must take the test or whether you can self swab and what you require on your certificate. The certificates are signed by doctors, can have your passport number on, but do not have a QR code. Please look through options 1,2 and 3 below.

OPTION 1 – Take the test yourself (Cheapest)OPTION 2 – Clinician takes the test (Highest Accuracy)OPTION 3 – Doctor examines takes the test  (Most thorough)
Who takes the test?You take them and drop them to us Monday – Saturday.Clinician takes them – best accuracy and a requirement of some airlinesDoctor sees you  – examination and swabbing required for medical flight clearance eg Thailand

What is the cost?
£75 per person£75 per swab plus £40 professional fee per person£75 for swab and £90 professional fee for medical per person

Will you get a certificate of your result?

Yes – signed by a doctor included in the cost.

Yes – signed by a doctor included in the cost. 

Yes – signed by a doctor included in the cost.
What do you need to do?OPTION 1 – Fill out the form here and we’ll be in touch to arrange your swabs. You need to drop them in to us 48-72 hours before you leave the UK. Fill out the adult form here and we will be in touch with when you need to come in. The children’s form is hereOPTION 2 – Fill out the form here and we will be in touch with when you need to come in. The children’s form is hereOPTION 3 – Attach the medical form and your flight requirements in an email to and we’ll be in touch with an appointment
How long do results take?OPTION 1 – Results come in the next day if dropped off to us before 11 am.Please drop in in the maximum time frame before your flight to allow for delays at the lab or inconclusive self-swabs.OPTION 2 – Results take 24 hours from arrival at the lab. Best to book in in the maximum time frame before your flight we recommend 48 -72hours.OPTION 3 – Results take 24 hours from arrival at the lab. Best to book in in the maximum time frame before your flight we recommend 48 -72 hours.
What you need to be aware of…OPTION 1 – Check your airline does not require a clinician to take the test. If it does please look at option 2.A guide on how to take the swabs will be provided. If you are unsure If you will take the swab properly, please consider booking in with the clinicians. It may be more costly but greatly reduces the chance of an inadequate tests (not enough material to test). No refunds will be given for inadequate tests. You can collect your kits from us when we are open at Chelmsford and Colchester. Please do not come along unless you have been invited and triaged for coronavirus symptoms. Samples must be dropped off to SPRINGFIELD HOSPITAL in Chelmsford only – (not the OAKS in Colchester). Please call us to let us know you are on your way. (Monday – Saturday). Dropping them into us is much more reliable than using Royal Mail as time is of the essence.OPTION 2 – If you need a travel form filled in or want a clinical assessment that you are medically well for travel please book option 3. Option 2 is only for a covid test certificate for travel.

General Points

  • Some young children may not need to be swabbed. Do check with your airline.
  • We will inform Public Health England of any positive cases.
  • We are not open Sundays and would find Tuesday am flights difficult to service. We will help if we can.
  • A previous coronavirus illness may cause you to still be shedding coronavirus DNA. Some people can shed these particles for months and will still test positive even with no infectious disease. We cannot provide a flight certificate for you if your result returns as positive. Please note the vaccination against coronavirus does not cause these tests to show as ‘positive’
  • Swabs are sometimes reported as indeterminate. In this case a repeat should be taken by us and your flights may need to be moved. The occurrence is rare but for this reason booking a flexible airline ticket is advised. 
  • We take no responsibility if you miss your flight due to a lab delay which is out of our control. We are very clear that you need to leave as much time as possible before your flight to ensure all goes well. Thus far we have 100% success rate in getting our customers on their flights, but as has been shown to happen in the pandemic already, anything can happen to disrupt this. 
  • If one member tests positive in your household, your trip will need to be cancelled as you will need to self isolate
  • Please also check that your insurance is valid for your destination as some travel insurance will be invalid if the holiday destination is not in the UK travel corridor. You should also check whether you need to book any vaccinations with us before you go. Information about this can be found here
  • As mentioned previously you are responsible for booking the correct timing and service for your flights. Information can be found at for all destinations. Please note we do NOT supply QR codes as these rely on insecure website pages and therefore we cannot offer this service. QR codes are required for countries such as Bahrain and Lebanon.

PLEASE DO NOT ATTEND IF YOU HAVE FLU LIKE SYMPTOMS or a have had a contact with coronavirus.  You will be screened before your appointment and if you do not pass the screening we cannot continue with the booking.

Thank you

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