This month, we opened the doors to our new Private GP Services clinic in Leeds. The new GP clinic is based close to Leeds City Centre with free customer parking. Here at Private GP, we provide a range of private medical health care services with our experienced professional doctors who have time for you, whether it’s a 15-minute appointment or longer.

Why should you put your health first?

Health care is one of the most important things we need in life. You need to ensure you are keeping on top of your physical and mental health. Without healthcare, far more people are at risk of long-term illnesses and identifying issues early is key to keeping you and your loved ones well. The sooner a health problem is diagnosed, the sooner you can identify how to reduce the risks of any further illness or diseases. You don’t need to de-register from your NHS GP practice to see us. You can choose to come for an appointment with us at any time. Listed below are the services we provide:

GP Consultations
Health & Wellness screening
Women’s Health
Men’s Health
Children’s Health
Sexual Health

Why choose Private Medical Healthcare?

Transitioning to private healthcare comes with a wealth of benefits. With Private GP Services, you can easily book the same day and next day appointments, which can be face to face or phone appointments. More benefits of using private healthcare are:

• Private healthcare allows you to get quicker access to face to face appointments, and you can cancel or reschedule your appointment up to 24 hours before your appointment.
• Shorter waiting times – be in control as to when and where your treatment takes place.
• Have extra time – you can choose from 15 minute or 30 minute appointment slots, so you’ve got the time you need to discuss issues with your clinician
• Make sure you’re prepared for your summer holidays with our travel clinics, offering a range of vaccinations to enable travel to different countries. You can use Private GP Services as a pay-as-you-go service, with no need to move away from your NHS GP practice.

The Leeds Team

Our experienced GP team includes Dr Kai, who has worked as a GP for 19 years and has extensive experience across all areas of general practice and general medicine. He has specialist interests in diabetes, cardiovascular medicine and MSK joint injections, and is supported by two other female doctors who will be joining the team in the next fortnight with expertise in menopausal disorders and hormone replacement therapy (HRT). We also provide Travel Clinics through our travel nurse Cheryl McAllister, who is an experienced Practice Nurse with a special interest in travel health and vaccinations. Our Practice Manager is Katie White, who has over 20 years experience in healthcare and has successfully managed a number of GP practices across West Yorkshire in the last few years.

You can find more information about the team on the Leeds page.

Our Travel Clinic Service

Now we are at the start of the summer months, you may be in need of travel vaccinations for upcoming trips abroad. Here at Private GP Services Leeds, we can provide you with a range of vaccinations and are more than happy to offer any advice you may require. We have a range of services available, and our team will give you all the time you need to be sure you’re prepared for your travels. For more details on our travel clinic, visit our services page.

Vaccinations at your convenience

Private GP services can assist you no matter what vaccinations you’re looking for. Our travel practitioners will give you the advice you need and talk you through all options that are available for you and your family. Our GPs will help you to understand if you require any necessary vaccines and explain the benefits and any potential risks. For more details on our vaccinations, click here.
Come and visit our new Private GP Services in Leeds. For more information on the services we provide, click here. Alternatively, contact us today for any further information about our new clinic or services.


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