Get peace of mind for you and your family with regular health checks and screening

Well-person health checks by experienced General Practitioners for men and women

Being proactive about your healthcare and identifying issues early is key to keeping yourself well, after all, ‘prevention is better than a cure’. The sooner a health problem is diagnosed, the sooner steps can be taken to reduce your risks of disease or treat any illness found promptly.

Making time to proactively look at all aspects of your health can be hard, which is where our well person checks can be of convenience.

Why choose Private GP Services for your health check?

  • Experienced doctors with time to listen - They’ll take your concerns seriously and ensure you get the tests you need to put your mind at rest.
  • Choice of doctor and same doctor continuity - With clear explanations and advice on what your results mean and what you should do to improve your health.
  • Fast diagnosis & treatment- Giving you a better chance of recovery.
  • Appointments at a time that suits you - Daytime and evening appointments available.

Put your mind at ease

A well-person medical is a comprehensive hour and a half with our professional, experienced and friendly General Practitioners. Your chosen GP will give you a thorough examination and offer you tests based on your symptoms and concerns.

Your included follow up appointment will be with the SAME GP who can talk you through what your results mean, supply you with private prescriptions if required and refer you on to private consultants of your choosing.

Call us on 01245 234 134 to find out how our private medical screening services can help you to stay healthy.

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