Health Screening
Well-person health checks by experienced General Practitioners for men and women

At Private GP Services, we uphold the belief that each patient needs to be treated as an individual as they have their own health needs.

Being proactive about your healthcare and identifying issues early is key to keeping yourself well, after all, ‘prevention is better than a cure’. The sooner a health problem is diagnosed, the sooner steps can be taken to reduce your risks of disease or treat any illness found promptly.

All our GPs are experienced doctors. This could be the start of regular MOTs that you afford yourself to keep on top of your health.

We offer 3 health check options depending on your preference.


Full health checks for men and women

£300 deposit required at booking

All packages include:

  • Discussion about any other health concerns
  • Review of any current medical condition(s) eg high BP, diabetes
  • Review of family history (as this is relevant to the individual)
  • Review of social habits (some of which may have changed over lockdown!)
  • Medication(s) review, which may be long overdue a review
  • Physical assessment, including BP, weight, BMI, urinalysis, cardiovascular, respiratory, digestive systems.
  • In women, this may include breast & pelvic examination, if indicated/requested.
  • In men this may include prostate examination, if indicated.


Full Health Check


  • 30 minute consultation
  • Ideal medical for under 40s.
  • Blood tests; full blood count, kidney, liver, full lipids (incl HDL/LDL), diabetes (HbA1c), thyroid, iron, calcium and proteins.
  • qFIT; bowel screening test
  • Urine sent for microscopy and culture.
  • Medical report postal or emailed
  • Follow up for an additional £40 for a 15 minute telephone consultation if further discussion or clarification is required, or £165 if an in person 30 minute follow up is requested.


Full Health Check


All services offered in the Bronze package, plus:
  • Longer appointment time – 45 minute medical with more tests and telephone follow up and report
  • Ideal for over 40s and corporate medicals.
  • Inclusive of Resting ECGs
  • Blood tests; vitamin B12, folate and hormone profile , vitamin D
  • Specific to men: PSA and testosterone
  • Specific to women: Menopause assessment and cervical smear – cytology and HPV screen
  • Medical report (posted or emailed) followed by an inclusive telephone consultation to discuss results and arrange any follow-up needed
  • Follow up in person for an additional £165 can be arranged if requested.


Full Health Check


All services offered in the Silver package but also includes:
  • Chest xray or mammogram for women.
  • In person follow up for 30 minutes to discuss results, receive medical report and to arrange next steps (if needed).
Please note: These are detailed check-ups requiring a considerable investment of time from both doctor and patient.

Failure to attend with less than 24hrs notice will be charged at 100%

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