Fast access to mole diagnostic services to give you peace of mind

Mole screening and treatment by experienced GPs in Chelmsford, Billericay and Colchester

If you’ve got a mole that needs investigating it’s important that you don’t delay. Most suspicious moles turn out to be nothing, but if your mole is cancerous it’s important to act immediately.

Here at Private GP Services we can book you in to see an experienced, professional Doctor on the same day, or at your earliest convenience. We provide mole screening with a dermatoscope which is more accurate than using the naked eye. It’s non-invasive, painless and gives a rapid diagnosis. Working with our partners and using the latest mole diagnostic tools we’ll be able to put your mind at ease, or get you the treatment you need fast.

Why choose Private GP Services for your mole screening?

  • Potential for same day treatment - In-house or efficient referral to specialists if required.
  • Experienced GPs with time to listen - Longer appointment times for a thorough examination.
  • Same day & evening appointments - No waiting lists or unnecessary delays.
  • Transparent fees - So you can budget for your health care efficiently.

Regular full body or mole reviews

If you’ve a history of skin cancer then it’s essential that you monitor your skin and have regular checkups by an experienced Doctor. Here at Private GP Services our mole review service is available as regularly as you need, checking you for potential changes in your moles and referring you for treatment immediately should a relapse occur.

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