Are you worried about your sexual health?

Discreet and confidential prevention, sexually transmitted disease testing & treatment

Whether you’re concerned about your sexual health or in need of emergency contraception fast, Private GP Services can help you. You can choose a male or female doctor for your visit and you’ll be able to see the same GP throughout your whole treatment, giving you continuity and helping you feel more at ease.

Your appointment will be kept completely confidential throughout the whole process. We won’t ever discuss your information with anyone else and the nature of your visit will not be on your invoice (if you request one), giving you complete peace of mind. All our GPs are experienced and discreet so you can be sure you’ll be treated with the utmost respect whatever your circumstances.

Why choose Private GP Services for your sexual health?

  • Absolute confidentiality - Discreet Doctors who will always protect your privacy.
  • Same day & evening appointments available - For a fast diagnosis and immediate treatment.
  • Experienced, compassionate GPs - They’ll never judge you and will treat you with respect.
  • Non-invasive urine testing available - A more comfortable approach than swabs.
  • Same day emergency contraception - Giving you access to the morning after pill fast.

Discreet appointments when you need them

If you’re concerned about your sexual health it’s important that you act promptly. With Private GP Services you can see an experienced, discreet Doctor quickly and easily. No waiting lists and no unnecessary delays. With same day, daytime and evening appointments available you can be sure you’ll get the help you need when you need it.

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