Travel and preventative vaccinations at your convenience

Whether you’re looking for routine vaccinations, travel vaccinations or vaccines that are not available within NHS, then Private GP Services can assist you. Our friendly and experienced team will offer personalised advice for you and your family. There is no need for a long wait – you can book today.

In our travel clinic, our doctors and travel nurses will ensure you get totally tailored, evidence-based, and personal advice for your specific circumstances. It is always best to seek vaccination advice well ahead of travel however, we also appreciate that last minute holidays or business trips do occur and we can advise on best vaccinations in these instances. The clinics are equipped with on-site resuscitation facilities and resus team, so the clinics can deal with emergencies should the unlikely event of a severe allergic reaction occur. 

Please note: You can book and pay for a vaccination appointment online (£40), but will need to pay for the price of the vaccine on the day you attend the appointment. Pricing information for each vaccine is provided in the table below. Please provide medical records detailing prior vaccinations, or your vaccination history, in time for your consultation. 

Book Online or call us on 0330 053 3745

We do not currently provide online appointment booking at this clinic. Please call 01245 234 134 to book an appointment. 

We do not currently provide online appointment booking at this clinic. Please call 01245 234 134 to book an appointment. 


The prices are per vaccine, not per course. The length of the course will vary depending on your age and clinical risk assessment.

Vaccine appointments for new patients (FIRST appointment)

If you attend for a course of vaccines you will not be charged every time


We provide ‘fit to fly’ PCR swabs from £99


£80 each




Hepatitis A and B combined


Hepatitis A and Typhoid combined


£75 with certificate

* a course or booster may be needed

We are an approved
Yellow Fever Centre and
travel clinic. 

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